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Next-generation action: battles between robots


  • Different game modes
  • High degree of customization
  • Loads of quick action


  • Only online battles
  • Waiting times


Free online games like Exteel are getting more and more popular, which is great for game lovers like us... but also makes it harder to choose the one we want play.

Exteel is set in a futuristic environment with fast-paced, action-packed battles. But there's one point where Exteel differs from other action shooters, and this is the fact that battles are fought between robots. The game calls them mechanaughts and defines them as "walking war machines", which I must say after playing the game, it's quite an accurate description.

Once you install the game and create a free account in the game's official website, you're ready to play. Well, not yet: there's a brief tutorial we recommend to follow in order to learn the basics of movement and weaponry. After that, you're definitely ready to join the battle. Note that this is an online-only game, so expect to endure some waiting times while searching for the appropriate server, waiting for other players, letting people get everything ready and so on. Also, you may feel a bit lost at the beginning, when you don't know anybody in the game and all players seem to have far more experience than you. My advice here is to just give it a try and see how fun it can get.

Exteel features the traditional game modes you find in other action titles (Death-match, Team Death-match, Last Stand...). In any of them, you'll need to have really quick reflexes in order to kill your enemies and survive at the same time –at least you can respawn immediately after being massacred. Every battle earns you credits, which in turn enable you to buy new weapons, skills and other stuff to customize and empower your robot, I mean, your mechanaught.

Graphics in Exteel are really good, especially in the rendering of three-dimensional environments and the characters themselves. Background music adds the final touch, although unfortunately it goes unnoticed most of the time due to the firing roar that takes over battlegrounds.

Exteel lets you join online action-packed battles set in a futuristic environment at an unbeatable price. Definitely worth a try!

NCsoft’s Team Beam puts you in command of a Mechanaught – a powerful bipedal walking war machine. On Exteel’s futuristic battlegrounds, these giant robots are the key to ultimate victory.

Choose a high-speed, light-weight model, wielding dual-blades, or choose a lumbering heavy-weight unit armed with a devastating siege cannon. Create your own devastating Mechanaught using thousands of parts and weapons in almost unlimited combinations!

  • Create a persistent mercenary pilot who grows in experience and rank through PvP battles.
  • Customize your Mechanaught for your own play style. Choose from a extensive selection of parts and arm it from a large arsenal of lethal weapons.
  • A micro-payment called NCcoin system allows you to purchase more powerful weapons, skills, and parts for your Mechanaught.
  • Combat is an adrenaline-fueled blend of high-speed gun-play, melee combat and think fast or die tactics.
  • Decide on one of four battle modes: Death Match, Team Death Match, Territory Control, or Last Stand.
  • Purchase Skills that allow you to perform wild, devastating combination attacks.
  • A forthcoming detailed ranking system allows players to compare their victories, assists, and defeats.
  • Blends the immersive thrill of an FPS with the furious and brutal intensity of Hong Kong gun-play mixed with the feel of classic robot anime.

User reviews about Exteel

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    Cool game i ever play...
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