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"It's a good game indeed but..."

It's quite good for a TPS game and is has really fast paced battles but there are times that when someone who has a very high rank enters the battle and well has a lot of money to spend on NCcoins, They tend to become to overpowering, though I'm not saying that they are unbeatable, It's just that "Skills" in the game are too much game breaking even if it is available to the players through in-game points since the required points to get a skill is quite high (since cash users need to spend only a little amount of NCcoin to get it), unless you play a lot, you won't be able to earn the cost back.

The Custom Mechanaughts are quite good, although the best or should I say the ones with good stats are only obtained through cash. There are combinations on the in-game points obtainable mechanaughts that can reach quite high... of course that also goes to say,you didn't spend on any repairs for quite sometime since it costs a lot.

With all that, it is a good game to try.

  • A lot of combinations
  • Player preferenced playstyle
  • Has game breaking skills
  • Locked on means LOCKED ON
  • You can't air dash but can fly...upward
  • Shields are quite useless
  • Last Stand matches are sometimes unrewarding

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07 Dec 2011

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